a lost fanmix community.

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A fanmix community for LOST.

Welcome to lockes, a fanmix community the tv show LOST.
Community mods are boones and flotsamjunk.

You may post any fanmix as long as it is LOST related.
Mixes may be centric to characters, ships, episodes, etc...

Posts will be tagged with your username and either character, episode, or pairing.
Challenges may be added in the future.
At this time membership is open and all posts are public but feel free to watch/join to see the recent posts.

If you'd like to affiliate with lockes, please leave a comment here.

*Credit for the idea of the comm goes to iconstant's fanmix challenge.


1.The mix should have 4+ songs.
2.You must include cover art, front and back. The back is where you should incorporate your tracks. The covers should be 300x300 pixels.

Feel free to upload the tracks.
Title your post with the title of your mix.
Tag your post with .challenge# (if it applies), .mixer: username, and .character: character or .pairing: pairing

*If you are going to download anything, take the time to comment.

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